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Welcome, Children!  Learn the way of the Mirror with Curtis, as he teaches you everything you’ll need to know in order to prepare yourself and others for The Return!


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"The Mirror"

A Quote from "The Mirror: How to Prepare for the Return"

“I went wandering in the woods; someone else's woods.

I just went without asking.

Was I a trespasser? Perhaps. Was I stealing my walk?

Was I stealing the ground, the air, the shade, the trees?

Was I stealing the branches, the bark, the leaves?

Was I literally stuffing my pockets full of all the leaves I could find? [...]

Who made the forest? Did I? Perhaps. The answer is never truly the answer,

in the way of stealing is never truly stealing.

We are always sharing, or being shared on; whether you know it or not.

Because everything you see around you, you may have made.

What do you see? Take it."

- Curtis JR:88:5:TRA


“The ability to be strong in the mind is key to living. It's not just about being happy, its about being protected. It's about being safe. It's about survival. What we resist every day is only a fraction of a fraction of what will come along with the Return.”

- Curtis Rackleff